A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens


by Daniel Philpott

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Review - by Christina Hardyment, The Times, Christmas 2004

In December, nobody should be without an audiobook version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol to offer as a seasonal gift, or to listen to while decorating, cooking, wrapping presents or driving to granny's. But which Christmas Carol to choose?
His voice has an energetic, youthful quality which reminds the listener that Dickens was only 31 when he wrote A Christmas Carol in 1843. It is, if you like, the story as told by Scrooge's jolly young nephew; it gains a freshness which shakes the familiar story away from period piece. It could well prove a good way of tempting teenagers and twenty-somethings into Dickens' richly textured picture of his times, and so increasing their appreciation of how far we have come from the mass miseries that endured behind the popular image of Victorian Christmas as a time of tinsel, plum pudding and crimson plush.

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